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Canadian Dry Storage Ltd./亚博电竞 Cold Storage (亚博电竞 ) is an industry leading, multi-temperature storage, fulfilment and warehouse services provider based out of a state-of-the-art facility in Richmond and Saskatoon. We possess the specialized knowledge, resources and experience required to offer a full suite of services to a wide variety of industries, such as food and beverage, clothing and electronics. Close to three major ports, the US border, and major retail distribution centres including Costco, Overwaitea and Walmart, we seamlessly integrate your business into the local market. Supplementing our flagship operation in Richmond, 亚博电竞 manages an international network of certified warehouse and logistics partners. This allows us to offer the same specialized services to you no matter where you are in the world, while maintaining a single point of contact. Our unique approach to storage, warehousing and fulfillment provides you with a valuable partner in managing your inventory and Supply Chain.

Services Offered


Multi-Temperature Storage

Offering multi-temperature cold storage warehouse facilities enables you to store inventory of various commodities, including both perishable and shelf stable beverages, produce, dairy, meat, fish, poultry and dry food products. The versatility of offering refrigerated warehousing and distribution services, along with the same warehousing management for frozen and ambient products, removes the need for you to source multiple warehousing partners. Maintaining all inventory under one roof also allows you greater ease of access and distribution, which streamlines inventory auditing and reporting, lowering the overall storage costs associated with maintaining inventory at multiple locations.


Pick and Pack Warehousing

Our Warehousing Division offers complete pick and pack warehousing services to you, our warehouse clients. Whether your end customer requires full pallets, cases or eaches, our team accurately and efficiently picks and packs your orders to the required specifications, ensuring accuracy and on-time completion throughout the order fulfilment process.


Food & Beverage Distribution

Specializing in the food and beverage industry, 亚博电竞 possesses the knowledge required to serve the major retailers. From palletization requirements to loading patterns, our team understands the needs of food and beverage distributors. We ensure your orders arrive at the destination as required by the consignee, preventing non-compliance fines and guaranteeing customer satisfaction along the way.


Temperature-Controlled Cross Docking

Our temperature-controlled cross docking facilities allow your goods to travel efficiently through our terminal to their destination. Our cross docking services eliminate the need to receive a product into inventory only to ship it out again, saving time, reducing warehouse costs and preventing excess handling that can lead to damage.

Value-Added Services



Comprehensive and customizable labelling and relabelling services are available. Whether you need a product labelled or relabelled for regulatory compliance, or simply because the consignee requires it, our team will design, print and apply labels of any kind to pallets, cases, and eaches, regardless of the commodity. Our labelling services are particularly valuable if you import your products from overseas, as foreign labelling may not comply with government regulations or local market expectation.


Case & Pallet Conversion

If you need your products broken down into smaller cases, or packed together into larger shipping quantities, we offer complete case and pallet conversion services. This allows you to sell and ship the exact quantities you desire and build cases or pallets to custom specifications as dictated by sales and marketing, or your end customer. These re-packing services integrate with our order fulfilment process and other value-added services, getting the job done on time and on budget.



Related to our labelling service, we offer barcoding services for all products stored at our facilities. These services can be used to adjust specific products or SKU’s for marketing and promotional purposes, or simply to adhere to standards as required by distributors and retailers. As with other value-added services offered by 亚博电竞 , our barcoding services are fully customizable as we cater to your specific needs and those of the end customer or receiver.


Building Retail Display Ready Pallets

Attractively displayed products are an important tool for marketing and driving sales, and 亚博电竞 understands the effectiveness of a proper set up in achieving these goals. For this reason, our team provides complete displayer set-up services. Whether it’s an end of aisle display at a grocery store, part of a promotional booth, or anything in between, our team can construct and assemble the displays you need. Our white-glove approach ensures quality and eye-catching promotional set ups. We take care to pack and ship your products for easy and efficient set up at their final destination.


Dedicated Customer Service Representatives

As a client, we provide you with access to a dedicated customer service representative who understands your unique needs. This allows us to give you efficient, personalized customer service, and ensures our team is up to speed and ready to assist with any inquiry you may have.


Technology is at the forefront of modern-day warehousing. 亚博电竞 is an industry leader in acquiring and implementing the right technology to ensure you remain ahead of the competition. Our robust warehouse management system and online portal provide you with 24/7 access to your inventory, along with a full suite of applications including custom reports, order entry, transaction history and invoicing. These tools drive efficiency and performance, ensuring your key performance indicators, leading to growth and further business development. Besides our user interface, 亚博电竞 is fully equipped with EDI capabilities, automating warehouse functions from the initial order entry to the final billing. Streamlining this process lowers costs and prevents errors associated with manual entry.

Industry Certifications

As well as having clean, modern-day storage facilities, 亚博电竞 has earned AIB and BRC credentials. We are a CFIA approved facility with a HACCP program to ensure your inventory is maintained to the highest industry standards. These elite food safety credentials – obtained through strict adherence to both organizational and government regulations – help you when you are looking to expand your presence in the marketplace by providing quality assurances to prospective distributors and retail partners.

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